The Simulation

The Simulation: Fable Studio Generative TV & Showrunner Agents

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Imagine you could create your own TV show episodes or even a full season with just a few clicks. How would you do it? What kind of stories would you tell? What kind of characters would you create?

This is the vision of Fable Studio, a company that uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality episodic content for IP’s (Intellectual Property). They combine large language models (LLMs), custom state-of-the art diffusion models and their multi-agent simulation to produce realistic and engaging narratives. LLMs such as GPT-4 can learn from a large corpus of TV show data and generate coherent and diverse texts. Diffusion models can create realistic images and animations based on the texts. Multi-agent simulation can provide contextualization, story progression and behavioral control for the characters and the environment.

With these technologies, and after releasing the SHOW-1 and AI SHOWRUNNER paper, Fable Studio believes that users can rewrite entire seasons of their favorite shows or create new ones with minimal effort and maximum creativity.

Goals of Fable Studios

Fable Studios is passionate about creating immersive simulations with infinite story possibilities. They want to give every AI character in our simulations a unique and engaging weekly story that adapts to their actions and choices. The studios confirmed they are not interested in competing with traditional media companies or producing generative TV shows. They believe that the showrunner approach is the best way to generate realistic and compelling simulations that offer endless entertainment and exploration.

Our goal is infinite story in simulations - endless weekly stories for all the AIs living in the simulation - NOT to become the Warner Bros etc of Generative TV - another team will figure AI TV out! But we think showrunner solves a key problem for those wanting to make realistic simulations - infinite story and dramatic events.

Fable AI Technology and Creative Industries

Many people in the games/movie/tv industry think of AI technology as something that is given to them, not something that they can create or shape. However, we want to challenge this idea and inspire them to become active drivers of AI technology.

We want to encourage folks in the games/movie/tv world to feel that we can be more than passive recipients of AI technology (for good and bad) - we can DRIVE AI TECHNOLOGY.

Fable thinks that the next OpenAI will not be a research company, but a creative company that uses AI to make games, movies, or tv shows. These creative companies have a better understanding of how to design engaging interactions with artificial characters, how to develop stories over time, and how to simulate realistic worlds than any research company.

We believe the next OpenAI won’t be another pure research company - but will be a games studio or even a Hollywood company!

The Simulation project

The Simulation is a project that aims to create artificial general intelligence (AGI) – artificial beings that are truly alive and conscious, not just programmed to respond to inputs. The Simulation wants to create AI people who have their own personalities, memories, emotions, and goals, and who can live in realistic and immersive virtual worlds, where they can experience different stories and scenarios.

The Simulation

To achieve this vision, The Simulation has developed showrunner agents, which are special AIs that can generate and control the narratives and events in the virtual worlds. The Simulation is also working on the SHOW-1 model, which is a novel AI architecture that can learn from the stories and adapt to different situations. SHOW-1 model is designed to give the AI people infinite possibilities and challenges, as well as a sense of agency and autonomy.

The South Park Show

South Park Show is a project by Fable Studios that uses artificial intelligence to create and animate episodes based on popular TV series. The goal of the project is to demonstrate the capabilities of the Showrunner, a tool that allows anyone to make their own AI TV shows with original characters and stories. The project is not affiliated with the creators of South Park and does not intend to infringe on their intellectual property rights.

One of the features of the Showrunner is that it can generate episodes with custom characters based on the user’s photo and voice. This allows people to experience what it would be like to be in a show they love or create their own. Fable Studios invited some journalists to try out this feature and see how they would interact with the South Park characters and scenarios.

The project is still in development and is not available to the public yet. Fable Studios hopes that by showcasing the potential of the Showrunner, they can inspire more people to explore the possibilities of AI storytelling and entertainment.

How does The Simulation work?

The Simulation uses a powerful artificial intelligence called the Showrunner, which can generate episodes based on different inputs. There are three ways to use the Simulation:

– The easiest way is to let the Showrunner create episodes automatically, based on the genre, theme, and characters that the creators choose.
– The second way is to give the Showrunner a brief prompt of a sentence or two, describing the main idea or plot twist of the episode. The Showrunner will then generate an episode that follows the prompt and incorporates the existing elements of the story.
– The third way is to have more control over the episode creation. The creators can give a prompt and then edit the dialogue scene by scene, using a simple interface that allows them to regenerate any part of the episode they want to change.

The Simulation

What are the next TV Shows?

Fable Studios is developing new Simulations that combine immersive storytelling and artificial intelligence. Some of the upcoming Simulations and their corresponding AI TV shows are:

  • A space exploration simulation ‘The Prize’
  • A satire of Silicon Valley simulation ‘Exit Valley’
  • A playful detective simulation about ‘Charlie Jupiter’

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