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Adobe Firefly Structure Reference: Endless Creative Possibilities

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The structure Reference feature from Adobe Firefly is designed to make it easier for users to recreate the structural layouts of images. With this feature, users can generate images that match the structure of a reference image, which significantly reduces the trial and error typically associated with writing the perfect prompt for image generation. This tool streamlines the creative process and enhances user productivity in image design.

The new Structure Reference feature in Adobe Firefly opens up limitless creative possibilities. Here are some creations you may want to emulate:


With the new Adobe Structure Reference feature you can generate new images that match the structure of any reference image The feature works amazing for stylizing typography.

3D with Structure Reference

This innovative tool unlocks a fun and efficient workflow for creating captivating 3D visuals. By harnessing generative AI, it transforms simple text prompts into intricate textures, photorealistic images, and more. 

Creative art + Animation

Structure Reference in Adobe Firefly unlocks an innovative workflow for creating captivating 3D visuals. By harnessing generative AI, it transforms simple text prompts into intricate textures, photorealistic images, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or an aspiring creator, this tool provides a seamless way to enhance your designs

Sketch to image

With Structure Reference now in AdobeFirefly, you can use the Structure option to upload your reference image, and then customize endless variations from the same layout

Frame-by-frame animation

Over the weekend,@icreatelife immersed himself in the creative process, crafting an art piece using the new Structure Reference feature available on the Adobe Firefly website. The result is something I’m genuinely proud of—a fusion of technology and artistic expression. As he worked, I reveled in the flow of creation.

Here are some key details about the process:

  1. Frame Count: The animation comprises approximately 300 frames, each meticulously generated using Adobe Firefly’s Structure Reference. This tool allowed me to transform simple text prompts into intricate visuals, leveraging different masks and photo-bashed images as references.
  2. Tutorial and Future Posts: At the end of the animation, I recorded a brief tutorial. However, he promises to delve deeper into the creation process in my upcoming posts.
  3. Favorite AI-Assisted Tool: Among the array of animation tools, Structure Reference stands out as my current favorite. Its seamless integration with Adobe Firefly empowers artists to explore new dimensions of creativity.
  4. Toolset: Here’s what he used:
    • Adobe Firefly website (with the Structure Reference feature)
    • Adobe Express: Perfect for assembling those lightning-fast 0.1-second frames into a cohesive animation.
    • After Effects: For smooth frame interpolation.
    • Photoshop: Essential for creating reference images (as you’ll see in the tutorial).
    • And for that captivating cat movement, he meticulously analyzed a video from Adobe Express, frame by frame—the consistency was incredible!


Sketch to digital magic in one click

Typography to image

One thing nice about Structure Reference in AdobeFirefly is that it makes it super easy to generate accurate text now. Just create the text in the font you want in black on a white background and use it as a reference

Here is another result:

Photo to superhero

Have some fun with the new structure reference in Adobe Firefly! When you upload your photo, the generations will match the structure to allow more control over your results.

Aging AI Video

We remember how hard it was to make such a video a year ago and required a powerful computer. Now anyone just with a browser can make one in less than 10 minutes with the new Structure Reference tool.

Spatial consistency

You can now apply Structure Reference to your AdobeFirely creations. This is a great way to achieve spatial consistency.

Change seasons with Adobe Structure Reference

You can use Adobe Structure Reference to change the season of any image to any desired season in the blink of an eye!

Logo to creative logo

You can have fun with the AdobeFirefly logo and the new Structure Reference feature. Transfer your logo into creative art with simple clicks.

Make a disco out of your images

You can draw a form (or use a photo or your sketch) and reach incredible spatial consistency with it, which means placing an object exactly where you want it to be! It opens the door to so much creativity.

*Credits of creations: Tweets posters (Click the Video).

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