New artificial intelligence algorithm challenges humanity

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Given the advanced technologies and the progress that does not slow down, it can be assumed that in the future Artificial Intelligence will play a much more serious role in our lives than before. Nevertheless, experts still continue to believe that the development of such technologies can be a dangerous venture. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger noted that AI, being the product of human ingenuity, is gradually erasing the primacy of human thinking.

The new algorithm, known as ChatGPT, can actually replace a human. He is able to answer any questions in detail, create stories and poems, and even program, which makes him one of the most perfect. The New York Times agrees with the opinions of analysts and says that such smart neural networks can in the future reach direct intervention in political situations. The algorithm is already able to write articles for the media, comments on them and even simulate requests to congressmen.

This miracle of technology is able not only to overwhelm a wide range of recipients with the same type of messages, but to select the content of the text for each specific recipient. An algorithm can make text so similar to what a person has written that it will be much more difficult to filter it out. Meaningful texts can undoubtedly become a serious tool of political influence. Using the available open data, AI will be able to incline doubters to any point of view with qualitative arguments.

This "superintelligence" was presented at the end of 2022 and in a couple of months became the most discussed topic in the United States. Microsoft said it would invest $10 billion in the startup that created ChatGPT. Also, entrepreneurs spoke about the upcoming introduction of AI at the Davos Forum. They even discuss the possible use of it in military spheres. For the first time, the capabilities of AI began to resemble human ones, and the question of the superiority of neural networks over the Creation of God may soon rise.

Not the first expert notes what we once saw in science fiction can be implemented in the present world. But are we waiting for events in the style of "The Matrix" or "Terminator" after a serious promotion of AI technologies, and how will it all end in the end? So far, there are no answers to such questions. But there are more and more concerns about this.

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