ChatGPT Chatbot – Why They Talk About It?.

Let's find out why ChatGPT literally "blew up" the Internet. Is this really a revolutionary tool or just another dummy?3 min

Remember the last time you were really surprised by some technological innovations? A year, five, ten years ago? Perhaps with the help of ChatGPT you will be able to remember how delighted technology can lead.

ChatGPT — chatbot, neural network, AI?

So, ChatGPT is a chatbot from OpenAI. According to its creators and followers, ChatGPT can conduct a fairly conscious dialogue with the interlocutor, answer questions, write essays, poems, scripts and even code!

If you are even slightly fond of technology, you have probably heard about the GPT language model. Until recently, the most advanced version was considered GPT-3. But it also had jambs. ChatGPT chatbot is trained on GPT-3.5. There is an opinion that the “improved version is superior to its predecessor in remembering the context.

ChatGPT chips

Ok, but why is there such a stir around ChatGPT? Is the chatbot seriously superior to its predecessors?

ChatGPT really stands out from its peers.” And here’s the thing.

  • Keeps context

As they say, the devil is in the details. And ChatGPT remembers them quite well. A chatbot keeps in mind the details of your conversation and, based on them, builds its answers. For example, if you decide to consult with ChatGPT and ask what to give to a friend / girlfriend / beloved cat for the New Year, the chatbot will find out the interests of the person and answer questions about each proposed option.

  • Listens to the interlocutor

ChatGPT responses can be adjusted as needed. This is done almost like with a live interlocutor – just start asking leading questions or give the bot additional information.

  • Does not speak on dubious topics

ChatGPT will not be able to discuss with you any illegal or immoral things, will not express its own opinion and will not tell you what the purpose of its existence is.

Unsplash, Possessed Photography

Unsplash, Possessed Photography

What ChatGPT can do

Just google ChatGPT, and you will see how users around the world share the results of their communication with the neural network. Briefly talk about the main skills of ChatGPT.

  • Answer challenging questions

ChatGPT will easily answer how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, and will also do it in detail and with examples. The network has already begun to claim that the chatbot sometimes responds better than His Majesty Google.

Here, for example, is what the bot will answer if you ask it to convert 75 degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit:

The temperature 75 degrees Fahrenheit is equivalent to approximately 23.89 degrees Celsius. To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, you can use the following formula:

Celsius = (Fahrenheit – 32) / 1.8

Using this formula, we can calculate that 75 degrees Fahrenheit is equivalent to (75 – 32) / 1.8 = 23.89 degrees Celsius. This means that 75 degrees Fahrenheit is slightly cooler than the average room temperature, which is typically around 25-26 degrees Celsius.

  • Write essays, essays, songs and screenplays

ChatGPT could very well be an excellent student, or at least a solid good student. His essays are rated fives and fours. See for yourself — In here and In here. With the creative component, ChatGPT is also very good. For example, a chatbot has already written a parody of the bohemian Rhapsody motif. And he can also be asked to write something in the style of Mozart. The only limitation is your own imagination.

Chatbot wrote a melody for piano in the style of Mozart

Chatbot wrote a melody for piano in the style of Mozart

Help code

And this is perhaps the most interesting feature of ChatGPT. The neural network will help you find a bug, the right library or even write a code for you. One of Habra’s users is already Checked how much ChatGPT really helps the programmer, and got very impressive results.

  • Gives medical advice

The chatbot will recommend how to cope with a headache, other ailments and will definitely recommend consulting a doctor. Doctors note that the tips of the chatbot are quite viable. 

You can check our topics in : AI in Medicine

Remember: it is impossible to be treated with the help of AI, seek qualified medical help.

Here, for example, ChatGPT has made a meal plan

Here, for example, ChatGPT has made a meal plan

And here – recommended training

And here – recommended training

How to access ChatGPT

Alas, it will not be easy for residents of some countries to communicate with ChatGPT. Access to the service is blocked for these countries’ IP addresses and phone numbers (required for verification). However, enthusiasts have already introduced ways to circumvent the restrictions at their own risk.

Do you believe in the power of AI? Will AI-powered chatbots become our assistants or will they continue to be entertainment for geeks and early adopters of technology? Share your opinion in the comments!

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