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Brisk AI: AI-Powered Teacher Assistant

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AI-Powered Teacher Assistant


Brisk AI is a tool that helps teachers create and deliver engaging and practical lessons. It uses artificial intelligence to provide instant feedback, detect learning gaps, generate personalized curricula, and match resources to students’ levels. Brisk AI reduces the workload of teachers and allows them to focus on the most critical aspects of teaching. Brisk AI is not a substitute for teachers, but a partner that supports them in their mission. Teaching is a challenging and rewarding profession. Teachers deserve solutions that are tailored to their needs and goals.



Brisk adapts to teachers' preferences and behaviors, creating more accurate and relevant content over time with its smart content generation capabilities.

Privacy Focused

Brisk protects student data with the highest level of encryption and security, following strict protocols that meet global standards.


Brisk empowers teachers with AI by offering a powerful Chrome extension that works seamlessly with educator tools like Google Classroom.

How Can Brisk AI Help?

Identify AI-Writing in Google Docs

Brisk AI-detection tool for Google Docs and Google Classroom is the most precise and helpful one you can find.

No Hassle AI Detection, No File Uploads Required
Brisk Team are educators themselves, and they understand how inconvenient it is to upload files to websites like Turnitin. That’s why they integrated AI detection into Google Docs and Google Classroom, so you can identify AI writing without interrupting your workflow.

Evaluate Student Effort on Assignments
Brisk uses version history data to evaluate the effort that students invested in their assignments. This can help you spot dubious work and assist learners.

State-of-the-Art AI-Detection
It is using a state-of-the-art text-based AI-detection model to identify AI writing. It’s been trained on GPT4 and is the most accurate AI-detection model available today.

Brisk Feedback

Develop Curriculum

Design and collect worksheets, resources, and exam questions
Brisk uses exclusive data and technology to search and produce learning content that is customized to your classroom needs.

Adapt curriculum for your teaching needs
Brisk learns about your personal teaching style and preferences by analyzing the curriculum you like to use and by listening to your feedback.

Localize, personalize, and differentiate curriculum
Brisk can help you customize the curriculum for individual students, groups of students, or entire classes.

Brisk Cur

Provide Feedback

Brisk’s feedback tool, powered by AI, helps you save time and give more feedback opportunities to your students. You can choose to let Brisk suggest feedback or add feedback directly to your students’ work.

Personalize Brisk’s feedback to match your style
Brisk can learn from your previous feedback and generate feedback that matches your style.

Upload your own rubric or select a default option
Create versions of your resources and worksheets that use examples and themes that interest your different students.

Identify student misconceptions without having to read every assignment
We know that reviewing student work can help you understand where your students need more support. Brisk summarizes its feedback for your class so you can adjust your lesson plans accordingly.

Brisk Feedback1

Make News Articles Easier to Read for Your Students

Help your students read anything on the internet

Find Out How Easy or Hard Any Text Is
Use the Brisk extension to check how easy or hard any text on the internet is. Brisk looks at how long the sentences are and what words are used in the text to figure out what age level the text is good for.

Make Any News Article Easier or Harder to Read
Brisk works on any news article you visit, so you can make it easier or harder to read by just clicking a button.

Send Changed Articles to Google Docs Automatically
When you change an article, Brisk will send it to a new Google Doc for you. You can then share it with your students or ask Brisk to make more materials from the article like a quiz to test their reading.

Brisk Reading

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