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Devin AI: AI Software Engineer is Now available to Hire

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Are you seeking to optimize your productivity and efficiency as a software engineer? You may be interested in learning more about Devin, an AI-powered software engineer designed to assist with various software development tasks. Devin can work independently or collaboratively to complete tasks for your review, potentially reducing the time and effort required for routine tasks. By using Devin’s capabilities, you may be able to reallocate your time and energy toward more complex and engaging projects.

What Can Devin AI Do?

Devin, the world’s first fully autonomous AI software engineer, is equipped with advanced capabilities that enable it to perform complex engineering tasks with ease. With its advanced long-term reasoning and planning capabilities, Devin can plan and execute tasks requiring thousands of decisions, recall relevant context at every step, learn over time, and fix mistakes.

In addition to its advanced reasoning capabilities, Devin has been equipped with common developer tools, including a shell, code editor, and browser within a sandboxed compute environment. This means that Devin has everything it needs to perform its work, just like a human developer.

Devin AI

Devin has also been designed to collaborate actively with users. It can report its progress in real-time, accept feedback, and work with users to make design choices as needed.

Here are some examples of what Devin can do:

  • Learn how to use unfamiliar technologies, such as ControlNet on Modal, to produce images with concealed messages.
  • Build and deploy apps end-to-end, such as an interactive website that simulates the Game of Life, and deploys it to Netlify.
  • Autonomously find and fix codebase bugs, such as Andrew’s open-source competitive programming book.
  • Train and fine-tune its own AI models, such as setting up fine-tuning for a large language model with just a link to a research repository on GitHub.
  • Address bugs and feature requests in open-source repositories, such as solving a bug with logarithm calculations in the sympy Python algebra system.
  • Contribute to mature production repositories, such as writing and debugging code to run a computer vision model and compiling a report at the end.

Devin has even been tested on Upwork, where it successfully completed real jobs, demonstrating its ability to perform tasks independently and efficiently. With Devin, software engineers can focus on more interesting problems and achieve more ambitious goals.

Devin AI performance

Devin’s performance on SWE-bench, a demanding benchmark that tests agents’ ability to resolve real-world GitHub issues in open-source projects like Django and scikit-learn, is impressive. Devin correctly resolved 13.86% of issues end-to-end, significantly outperforming the previous state-of-the-art of 1.96%. Even when given the exact files to edit, the best previous models could only resolve 4.80% of issues.

Devin AI

How To Hire Devin?

Looking to level up your engineering workflow? Devin is now available for early access! Interested in using Devin for your engineering projects? Reach out to them here or drop them a line at [email protected], and let’s get started!

What is the reaction of developers about Devin?

Here are some tweets from users who tested DevinAI:

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