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ChatGPT with your content is an innovative platform designed to enhance your interaction with digital content through advanced AI technology. It features the “ChatGPT with your ContentChrome extension, which changes the way you engage with online material. Whether you’re watching YouTube videos or browsing website text,’s extension offers a comprehensive suite of tools to summarize, synthesize, and analyze the information seamlessly.


Chat With Your Content

Use enterprise-grade chat capabilities with advanced language models for enhanced data comprehension.

Organize Your Data with Tags

Efficiently categorize and access your knowledge using Tags for data set organization.

Streamline Your Deliverables

Optimize your workflows with automation to achieve consistent, desired outcomes.

Trust but Verify

Embrace data transparency with direct source access through our unique Story Tiles™ in-line citations.

Download Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Designed for all

Knowledge Worker Empowerment

Gain deep insights into customer needs, unify account handling with customer-centric strategies

SEO Enhancement

Quickly create content in your brand's voice. Generate blogs, social posts, and metadata

Tailored Proposals

Align your offerings with client objectives. Craft impactful, result-driven proposals

How to install Storytell Extension

  1. Download the Storytell Chrome extension from the web store

2.Now the extension is installed!

3. Access your extension bar, locate the puzzle icon and pin extension

4. To make the sidebar appear, simply click on the Storytell icon in your extension bar.

how to use storytell

How to use Storytell Extension

1. After activating the extension, you might need to refresh the page it’s running on.

how to use storytell

2. The Chrome extension will run automatically on almost all content, except for the following (for the time being):

– Zoom meetings

– YouTube videos without captions

– Google docs

– Images


3. If you have a summary and Story Tiles™, what should you do next?

a. Check the summary here and click on it for more information.

how to use storytell

b. See how we transformed the content into Story Tiles™, each with its web link for easy sharing by scrolling down.

how to use storytell

4. Ask Storytell anything you want or have it create something new based on your content.

You could ask Storytell:

✅ What is the lesson of this blog post?

✅ Tell me more about… “XYZ”.

✅ Why does “XYZ” matter?

how to use storytell

How to create a haiku with Storytell Extension

There’s no limit to what you can create with Storytell Chrome Extension. However, you may wonder why anyone would choose a haiku. Although it is easy to think of haikus as primarily creative, they are actually a form of distillation. With its compact format, a haiku can contain an entire world.

We use Google Chrome extension to create a haiku from a long email with user feedback. We will take you on that journey and then we would like to know what you create with Storytell. So, let us know!

1. All journeys begin the same way, by opening a browser window in Chrome and finding source material for your haiku. Here are some ideas:

a news article

user feedback on a new feature

a video on how to make… borscht!

2. We will go with option two in this case. Here is what we did:

a. Opened a blog in Google Chrome

b. Clicked on the Storytell Chrome extension in our menu bar

c. Once Storytell processed the blog, we asked it in the chat box to create a haiku.

how to use storytell

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