Assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in your browser


With AgentGPT, you can set up and launch independent AI agents. You have the freedom to choose a name for your unique AI and define its objective. The agent will use its cognitive abilities to devise a strategy, perform necessary actions, and adapt based on the outcomes to achieve the given goal.AgentGPT is your ideal tool to assemble, configure, and deploy autonomous AI Agents in your browser.

Features Coming Soon

Long term memory via a vector DB

Web browsing capabilities via langchain

Interaction with websites and people

Writing capabilities via a document API

Saving agent runs

Users and authentication

Stripe integration

How It Works

🐳 Docker Setup

To run AgentGPT locally, the most simple method is to use docker. You can make use of a helpful setup script that is provided to assist you in beginning the process.

./ --docker

👷 Local Development Setup

If you want to develop AgentGPT locally, the easiest way is to use the provided setup script.

./ --local

🛠️ Manual Setup

🚧 You will need Nodejs +18 (LTS recommended) installed.

  1. Fork this project:
  1. Clone the repository:
git clone
  1. Install dependencies:
cd AgentGPT
npm install
  1. Create a .env file with the following content:

🚧 The environment variables must match the following schema.

# Deployment Environment:

# Next Auth config:
# Generate a secret with `openssl rand -base64 32`

# Your open api key
  1. Modify prisma schema to use sqlite:

Note: This only needs to be done if you wish to use sqlite.

  1. Ready 🥳, now run:
# Create database migrations
npx prisma db push
npm run dev

🚀 GitHub Codespaces

Set up AgentGPT in the cloud immediately by using GitHub Codespaces.

  1. From the GitHub repo, click the green “Code” button and select “Codespaces”.
  2. Create a new Codespace or select a previous one you’ve already created.
  3. Codespaces opens in a separate tab in your browser.
  4. In terminal, run bash ./ --local
  5. When prompted in terminal, add your OpenAI API key.
  6. Click “Open in browser” when the build process completes.
  • To shut AgentGPT down, enter Ctrl+C in Terminal.
  • To restart AgentGPT, run npm run dev in Terminal.

Run the project 🥳

npm run dev




What is AgentGPT?

AgentGPT is a web-based platform that allows you to create and deploy autonomous AI agents in your browser.

What is Autonomous AI?

Autonomous AI refers to artificial intelligence that has the ability to operate and function independently without any human intervention or assistance. It can perform tasks and make decisions on its own without the need for continuous input or direction from humans.

Is AgentGPT free?

AgentGPT is open-source and currently in the beta stage and is free to use for anyone. However, you may be charged for the usage of your OpenAI API.

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