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Cat owners, no doubt, have been licked more than once by their pet. At this point, it is impossible not to notice the roughness of the cat’s tongue. What is the reason for this feature and why do animals need a rough tongue?

Structural features and functionality

Cats are very neat animals. No matter how thick and long their coat is, it always has a neat and well-groomed appearance. If you observe the pet, you can notice that he washes himself thoroughly several times a day and licks his coat. An important role in such care is played by the roughness of the tongue.

This organ for a cat is a natural comb. This effect is achieved due to keratinized papillae on its surface, directed towards the pharynx. With their appearance, they resemble hooks. From above, such sharpenings are covered with a layer of keratin, of which human nails also consist. For this reason, the manifestation of the animal’s love, when it diligently licks its owner, can cause discomfort and even pain, because thin “hooks” scratch the skin like sandpaper.

Skillfully using this part of their body, pets remove fallen hair, parasites, debris and comb out confused lumps. In addition, such growths on the surface of the tongue allow the animal to better separate the meat from the bones during the meal.

Cat Tongue

Interesting fact: Due to this feature of the structure of the tongue, cats better than other animals feel the taste of food. “Hooks” on it retain food in the mouth, which allows you to feel its taste.

In its shape, the cat’s tongue resembles a spoon, so it is so easy for representatives of the cat family to bark liquid food. And it serves as a heat dissipator. In extreme heat, cats stick their tongue out and begin to breathe often. So they cool their body.

By the way, dogs have a completely different tongue, its surface is smooth. These animals do not comb themselves out, they are cared for by breeders and owners.

staffordshire bull terrier 12staffordshire bull terrier 13
Cat Tongue Vs Dog Tongue

How to make it easier for a cat to care for hair?

We use a hair comb and regularly care for this personal care product. A similar approach is needed to the cat’s tongue. Between the hard papillae, the hair can become entangled, which must be removed, otherwise it can cause serious harm to the health of the pet.

A significant part of the hair that the cat swallowed comes out along with feces or vomit. If the confused woolen lumps remain in the gastrointestinal tract, it is impossible to avoid the use of laxatives or even surgical intervention.

So that the animal does not swallow the hair, it needs to be helped in caring for itself. To do this, it is enough to regularly comb the cat’s body with a brush, removing dead hairs. Then it will be easier for representatives of cats to comb themselves out without harm to health.

Not all cats use such positive characteristics of their language. Lazy individuals who are overweight prefer to be cared for by their owners, so they do not comb themselves out. It is known that cats are more careful than cats, the latter are much less likely to use their rough tongue as a comb.

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