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The modern rhythm of life does not leave people time to cook for themselves, not to mention pets. Cat food has become an excellent alternative to homemade food, they are recommended by veterinarians and cattery owners. Pet stores present many types of dry and wet diets, medicinal compositions and treats for animals of different ages and breeds.

Artificial feed

You can give cats artificial food regardless of their age, small kittens are no exception. Many do not dare to transfer animals to food, thinking that it is not suitable for a carnivorous animal, but, in fact, such feed contains plant and animal components, vitamins, substances containing minerals and other substances important for animal health are also added to them.

Artificial cat food is designed specifically to ensure that the animal remains strong and healthy. The composition of such feeds may include taurine, as well as an amino acid. If cat food does not contain taurine, then the cat will not be able to grow and develop normally. On the shelves of stores you can see a huge amount of artificial food for cats. Such feeds are usually sold in the form of canned food or dry food. Sometimes you can find raw food, processed by freezing or its different mixtures.

Many companies that produce cat food add various cereals to their feeds, usually presented in the form of rice or corn. Also, the composition of artificial feed includes some types of meat, usually animal organs.

If you do not really trust feed with cereals, then on the shelves in the store you can see more expensive products for animals, these are premium food. The composition of such feeds does not include cereals and various side elements.

Choosing dry food, you need to remember that in the composition of any of the dry foods there are carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are produced from potatoes. Thanks to potato starch, the shape of the feed granules retains its normal appearance. In fact, cats don't need carbs at all. The cat's digestive system can get glucose from proteins.

Dry food

Dry food is obtained due to extrusion, due to high temperature and pressure. Such feeds may contain additional substances. One of these substances is fat. It is necessary to add it. After all, it improves taste.

The owner of a domestic cat can choose the food that he wants, it all depends only on the price and your desires.

Dry food has a very big plus – it will not be able to spoil quickly.

The taste of the food does not change, even if it has been in the bowl for several days. If you prefer to feed your cat food in the form of canned food or natural food, remember that food can spoil very quickly, usually it happens in a few hours. And, of course, an important role is played by the price of dry food, because it is much cheaper. Much has been said about the fact that dry food can prevent the formation of tartar in cats, but this is a very controversial issue.

  • Dry food has a sufficient amount of protein in its composition. Protein is provided by meat by-products: kidneys, bones, brain, tissues, lungs, tendons, intestines, blood, skin, stomachs. Bird offal are heads, stomachs, legs, blood, and in some cases feathers.
  • Also, quite often, fishmeal is added to dry food, that is, crushed dry fish, usually such fish no longer contains its useful fat. In such feeds, you can also find gluten from corn – this is waste from corn starch or syrup.
  • One of the components of the feed is a mixture of starch and bran, this mixture is rich in protein. All these elements allow you to produce a fairly inexpensive feed.

In Japan, studies have been conducted that have shown that dry food, the component of which is meat, is much better for animals than feed on grain gluten. Meat feeds are absorbed faster.

Experiments were also conducted that showed that cats that regularly consume dry food relieve the need with alkaline urine. The pH balance of urine greatly affects the appearance of struvite crystals in the urethra of the animal, because of this, many companies producing dry food began to monitor this fact. They began to interfere with the feed components that oxidize the urine of the animal. Cats that feed on such food are at risk, because they can form stones in the urethra.

Meat products also can not always bring only one benefit. Many animals have been infected with mad cow disease after eating meat feed. After this incident, meat feed is not allowed to be sold in France and Japan.

Canned food

Canned cat food is usually sold in canned aluminum cans. Packages or cans have different volumes: 85, 155, 368 grams. Many veterinarians advise feeding their animals natural food or canned food. They claim that such feeds contain a large amount of moisture. Dry food, on the contrary, does not have, contains moisture, and in fact it is very useful for the health of cats.

It should also be noted that canned cat food contains practically no grain or side components, that is, there are practically no carbohydrates in such feeds. Many canned food for cats is made on the basis of fish elements.

There are many feeds in which a "pop" lid is used to close the can. Such lids can cause hyperthyroidism, because they contain bisphenol A. This component can leak into the food itself. Some companies produce feeds that contain soy. Many studies have shown that canned cat food does not allow the development of many diseases, for example: diabetes, kidney disease, urolithiasis, obesity and constipation.

Natural feed

Most owners prefer to feed their cats homemade food. Usually they give the meat some kind of processing or leave it raw, and many also add vegetables, taurine and other additives to the mixture. In general, cats have developed immunity, they are not afraid of many bacteria, but it is still better not to give them meat in raw form. If you still feed cats raw meat, then it is better to freeze the product for a while before eating.

Freezing kills many types of bacteria.

Many owners add vitamins to animal food that are necessary for humans, but there are special vitamin complexes designed specifically for cats. If you feed your cat natural food, then you will need to add enzymes to the food, they improve the digestion of the animal.

There are companies that produce feed, which are very similar in composition to natural food. These types of cat food should be stored in the freezer, before eating you need to defrost only one portion. If the owners opt for natural food, then they should be careful. Many supplements can be normally perceived by the human body, but at the same time be harmful to cats.

Propylene glycol is used in many foods intended for humans, but if given to a cat, it can be fatal. Not so long ago, this substance could be found in the compositions of cat food, but one of the studies showed that thanks to it, Heinz bodies appear, in which case oxidation occurs. After this experiment, this component was banned, and it ceased to be used in cat food.

Propylene glycol is a threat to domestic cats, which decided to feed natural food, there are cases when this substance is found in meat.

After all, it was originally intended for humans. Often this substance is simply not indicated in the composition of the product. The USDA allows you to add this substance to products without specifying it on the packaging of the goods. Therefore, the buyer often does not know about the content of this substance in the product and gives it to the animal.

It is important to know:

  • If your animal is neutered or neutered, then such animals should not be given certain foods. Such pets are at risk of developing urolithiasis.
  • Do not give the animal all the products indiscriminately, because what is useful for humans can be harmful to cats.

Vegetarian food

On sale you can find vegetarian cat food, because many cats, oddly enough, do not eat meat. Many veterinarians are wary of such food, they argue that it is better to feed cats with meat food, because meat contains the necessary elements for a healthy lifestyle of the cat, especially since the cat is a carnivorous animal by nature. Many vitamins cannot be obtained from plant foods for cats, so a cat's health may be at risk.

An experiment was conducted, during which they tried to find out how vegetarian food affects cats. The study showed that the amount of vitamin B12 in all cats was normal, but still in the body of some cats there was not enough taurine.

There was another study that was supposed to show whether cats can develop normally only on vegetarian food. It turned out that vegetarian food meets only the minimum requirements for the saturation of the animal. Both studies were conducted by the AAFCO Association. Scientific associations say that it is better not to feed cats only vegetarian food. Even if you choose vegetarian products for a cat well, such a diet can still cause a number of diseases, unlike meat nutrition.

Many feeds are fully AAFCO compliant, but don't be so sure. Even such vegetarian food can lead an animal to malnutrition, because such food cannot fully suit a carnivorous animal. Therefore, even if you decide to transfer the animal to vegetarian food, do not make it the only source of nutrition for the cat.

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