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Training a dog isn’t a simple task, particularly if you’re training dogs with behavioral issues or just simply being naughty. Remote training a dog is even harder! But no more worries since there are inventive dog collars for remote training that are being advertised within the market these days, similar to the Mini Teacher E-collar. These collars make dog training simpler for you. 

This education collar is used by dog trainers and proprietors who need to do remote training on their dogs. It is manufactured by Educator Company and is labeled as ET300 remote education collar. This collar is specially designed to train small dogs in a specific range. This well-known mini collar is the best way to introduce your dog to training, making them less stressed and more confident. The company also offers other training collars for dogs of other sizes and ranges and we will compare them to the ET300 in the final part of this article.

Like any other training collar, the Educator Mini E collar consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver that is placed around the dog’s neck, has contact points that are activated by the transmitter. These contact points send a specific stimulation, such as a tone or a vibration when they receive a signal. The transmitter is a portable device held by the dog’s trainer. This has knobs and buttons to send signals of desired stimulation to the receiver during exercise.

Educator E Collars Comparison

There are multiple e collars designed by Educator company that is useful for remote dog training. We will compare them in the below table :


Dog System



One-dog system Two-dog system One-dog system (300) / Two-dog system (302) One-dog system (400) / Two-dog system (402) One-dog system (800) / Two-dog system (802)
Signal Range ½ mile ½ mile ⅓ mile ¾ mile 1 mile
Colors Purple, black, pink, yellow, Zen Purple, black, pink, yellow, Zen Purple Yellow Black
Weight of Dog 5 lbs and up 5 lbs and up 5 lbs and up 5 lbs and up 20 lbs and up
Dog Size Small & medium dogs Small dogs Very small dogs Normal size Large dogs
Size of Collar 30 x ¾ in 30 x ¾ in 30 x ¾ in 30 x ¾ in 30 x 1 in
Transmitter Size Mini Mini Mini Premium Premium
Receiver Size Small Small Small Very Small Medium/Large

Mini Educator E Collar Technical Features


Mini Educator E-Collar Features


The mini e-collar is waterproof and has a signal range of ½ mile. The size of the collar is 30 in by ¾ in and is suitable for dogs weighing 5lbs and more with normal temperament. Both the transmitter and the receiver are in mini sizes. 

  • Color

The transmitter on this dog training collar is available in purple, black, pink, yellow and zen and has a matte finish for a sleek design. The receiver, on the other hand, is only offered in black.

  • Dimension and Weight

The mini receiver comes with dimensions of 2 by 1.5 by 1 inches and weighs 2.4 oz. While the transmitter measures 2.64 inches in diameter and has thickness of 1.29. 

  • Stimulation

The Educator’s collar offers less stressful training with its unique stimulation features. It has three modes of stimulation

    • momentary
    • continuous
    • combo mode.


  • Collar

The collar is made up of a biothane collar strap with weigh of 1.4 ounces. It also has a buckle closure. The strap can also be shortened to the desired length. This dog collar also comes with two sets of contact points. which measures ⅝ in and ¾ inches. The receiver comes with a magnetic red dot which turns it on and off. 

  • Batteries

The mini ecollar has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It also has a dual charger and the battery takes 2 hours to fully charge. It is also important that the batteries do not become completely discharged and get hot. There are also indicator lights for the batteries, with a flashing green light meaning normal operation and a flashing red light meaning the batteries need to be charged.

  • Transmitter

The transmitter of this training dog collar has an antenna for sending signals and buttons for stimuli. It also has a dial or button that is used to select the right level of stimulation for running. There is also an LCD screen that shows what stimulation and level is being performed. A magnetic dot on the side of the transmitter is used to turn it on and off. The battery charging socket also has a cover if your transmitter is not charging.

In this video by Natalie Dobkins, you can check how these Educator technical features work :

Mini Educator Dog Collar General Features

When you buy the Mini Educator E-Collar, it doesn’t just include the transmitter and collar or receiver. It also includes an instruction manual for operating all components, a lanyard, battery charger, test light, additional ¾-inch contact points, and a contact point tool. Other features of this necklace are listed below:

  • The shockproof collar is a one dog system and has a small ergonomic design perfect for people with small hands. It’s also waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor activities and workouts that may involve a little water.
  • The rechargeable batteries are li-polymer batteries with fast-charge feature.
  • Provides the targeted stimulation you want with a wide range of stimulation levels and boost levels.
  • It also uses the Pavlovian tone in training. This means the dog will only hear a tone 1.5 seconds before stimulation unless the button is pressed. This causes them to associate the sound with receiving stimulation and, in the long run, may react and behave as soon as they hear the sound for the first time.
  • It also has a tracking light option that is helpful in finding your dog when you are at night training .
  • The stimulation lock and set feature provides the owner or trainer with an easy way to manage stimulation. You do not need to check and calibrate the transmitter every time you use the feature as it is configured to deliver stimulation to the receiver based on the settings you have made. That means more time to observe and focus on your dog.
  • The ET300 can be converted to ET302 which is a 2-dog system.


Mini Educator Collar Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of stimulation levels
  • Upgradeable to 2-dog model system
  • Waterproof unit
  • Tracking light feature


  • Needs to be charged constantly


With a wide range of training collars sold on the market today, one of the most promising is the Educator Mini E collar. I like that it has a wide range of stimulation levels and that it has a tracking light whichs very useful feature when you and your dog are in a night training. I don’t like that it’s a bit difficult to set up and that it requires a lot of reading and understanding before you can use it. This can be inconvenient, especially for busy homeowners. However, we still recommend buying this collar. You can get the collar and check more information on Amazon.



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