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Dogs from childhood need to be taught obedience through play. And, of course, you yourself must become the initiator of this! This is one of the main conditions to raise an obedient pet. Training a dog is, first of all, the need to teach it to perform commands. Do not forget that the puppy grows and he needs the game in the same way as a small child. Call your pet, make him run after the ball, play with him. But remember that your games with a puppy are only your initiative. And the puppy should get used to it and remember who is in charge in the house.

Keep in mind that the little pet will first try to impose its terms on you. The puppy likes to play, and he is ready to do it indefinitely. He can, when you are busy with something, just bring you one of his toys, demanding attention to his own person. Do not hesitate to accept its terms. And don’t discard the items he brought.

Try to make the puppy understand that you are busy and are not ready to play now. Don’t get angry, don’t hurt the dog. Just ignore his attempts to get you going. Do not pay attention to the brought toy. Remember that by giving a puppy a reason, you create a problem for yourself in the future when he grows up.

How to Teach Your Dog the Sit Command

The Sit command is one of the basic commands that any dog should know. It consists in the fact that the dog must take a sitting position from standing or lying down. It is quite easy to learn to perform this command even for a 3-4 month old puppy. A piece of the delicacy will help you with this.

  1. It is necessary to take the puppy with one hand by the collar, and with the other in the meantime bring the treat to the nose of the puppy, which will then rise above his head, and say the command “Sit!”.
  2. Looking at the desired piece, the puppy, having lifted his head, in most cases will sit down, since it is very uncomfortable for him to stand in this position.
  3. As soon as he takes a sitting position, give him a treat and praise him.
  4. If he still does not sit down, but tries to turn around and get to the food, then you should press him on the cereal, and clearly repeat the command.

Achieve over time so that the dog remains sitting for a longer period of time, for which you will have to hold him by the collar or cereal, and give the treat, waiting for a short pause. By six months of age, you should have trained your puppy to sit on a command for as long as you want, that is, until you give another command.

How to Teach Your Dog the “Stand” Command

The command “stand” must be used if you want the dog to rise from a lying position, or for it to stop. If you decide to take part in exhibitions, then you will give this order repeatedly, and success will largely depend on the degree of consolidation of this skill.

  1. Putting a dog on its feet is pretty easy. If the puppy is lying (sitting), command “Stand” and start pulling the collar up and forward, while lifting it under the groin.
  2. For best results, it is allowed to show the puppy a treat, gradually removing it.
  3. Reaching for a piece, the puppy will definitely stand up. After that, it must be praised, stroked, and detained in a standing position for some time.
  4. To stop in motion, after the command “stand” it is necessary to pull the leash and also stop. If she makes attempts to sit down, you need to lift her under the groin.

When the dog is near you, and there is no need to go somewhere, then he is more focused, and reacts more clearly to commands. They must be given in an arbitrary order, so that the dog does not form a stereotype.

When the dog accurately remembers the meanings of all commands , complicate the conditions by moving some distance. Gradually build up the distance until the dog begins to respond correctly to commands, even when he does not see you.

How to teach your dog the command “Place”

To accustom a little pet to a place is a rather troublesome occupation. The dog will choose a place where he likes himself, for example, on the sofa or the bed of the owner. But you don’t have to. You need the puppy on the command “place” to go to the mat, which is laid out for him in one, specific place.

What do I need to do?

  1. You need to immediately determine where this place will be. It’s best to have it in the hallway. You put your pet on his mat, accompanied by the command “lie down”.
  2. Then, when the puppy settles down, complete the command something like this: “place, place, lie down.” At the same time, mentioning the place, pat your hand on the mat.
  3. When the puppy gets a little used to the command, step back a bit. It has to stay put. Do not forget to immediately praise the puppy and give him a treat. Be sure to be on the mat.
  4. After that, you can call the dog. Use the treat placed on the mat so that the puppy follows him to the future place, and immediately begin to control it, using the command “lie down”.

Of course, after the first time, your dog will not be able to remember everything, but after regular training in this way, he will form the necessary skill. The main thing is that you do not forget that the puppy mat should be associated with the command “place”.

How to Teach Your Dog to Wash His Paws

From the very first days, it is necessary to train your puppy so that after a walk he does not immediately run to the apartment, but sits near the entrance so that you can wash his paws from the sticky dirt and dust. This skill is especially important for owners who do not want to stain carpets in the house. The main rule is that there should be no exceptions.

Whether it’s mud and slush outside, or sun and snow, or dryness, the dog should still sit near the entrance and wait until the owner washes his paws. Otherwise, it will not be possible to develop a stable reflex.

Naturally, this skill is not the only thing that your pet should learn in your relationship with him. Firmly learn that the most important thing in training is precisely the sequence of actions of the owner. The most severe inconvenience to dogs is brought by the inconsistency of the owner’s requirements. Today you can, but tomorrow you can’t! Today we teach, eat only from the bowl, and tomorrow we feed directly from the table! Well, your pet will not understand this and, in the end, will decide that it is possible!

In the process of training, you must adhere to the rule of “three Ps” – this is Consistency, Constancy and Gradualness. With patient observance of this rule, you will succeed.

  1. Immediately after the street, give the command to the dog “Sit” and point to the mat at the front door.
  2. You can move away from her and watch her reaction – she should never run after you to the apartment.
  3. After you wash your paws, you can let go of the pet. If necessary, say “Yes.”

Preparation for the exhibition with the “Show” team

When preparing a puppy for a show, it is necessary to teach him a show stand, which is taken on the command “show”. To begin with, the baby needs to be accustomed to ringing, i.e. a special exhibition leash with a collar, which is selected in the tone of the dog’s color. By giving the command “Show”, the puppy is given the desired position with his hands.

Fixing the stand, he holds his head with one hand, the other scratches his tummy. If the baby does not want to stay in such a stand, you can try to give him treats. You can’t demand much from him at once. Having accustomed the puppy to 20-30 seconds of immobility, begin to accustom him to manual control, because at the exhibition the expert will definitely examine him.

Holding your head, with your other hand, feel his back and paws. Talk to him. This will add confidence to the puppy. When the puppy learns to stand still, you can remove your hands from him. The puppy should not be scolded if he moves after you. Repeat the command and put it in the rack. In no case during classes can not lean low over the baby. This can make him timid. Classes are repeated daily, achieving a stand that emphasizes all the advantages of your pet.

How to teach your dog the command “Nearby”

Raising a dog should be done from an early age. In this case, the puppy is easy to accustom to the command “near”. After all, most have a natural inclination to walk next to the owner, while pressing against his leg, and faithfully looking into his eyes. And if this tendency is also encouraged by a treat that is stored in the left pocket, the puppy quickly learns the command. If he tries to sniff the ground or go forward or to the side, his behavior must be stopped by pulling or pulling the leash sharply.

Just a few exercises, and your dog will literally “stick” to your left leg on the command “near” and walk without a leash. If you start raising a puppy a little later, the task will become more complicated and the team will have to work out mechanically. Having started the movement, they give a command. As soon as the dog rushes forward, he is restrained with a leash, and, repeating the command, pulled so that his front paws are next to your legs. After repeating the exercise 3-4 times, the puppy is encouraged with the command “Good, near”, and given a treat. It is necessary to ensure that the puppy passes 10-15 meters without pulling on the leash. Only after that you can stop and let him go for a walk.

And remember the “carrot and stick” method:

For a dog, a whip is a leash or a jerk with a chain, a carrot is dog food, dry cookies.

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