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To fly with dogs should be prepared with special care and in advance. It will be necessary to collect all the necessary documents, take care of a suitable carrier, so that the animal feels comfortable and safe throughout the journey.

In the cabin or luggage compartment?

Whether the dog will be allowed into the cabin of the plane with the owner depends on its weight and breed. So, animals lighter than 8 kilograms (together with a carrier) are allowed to be transported as hand luggage. These are standard requirements for the whole world, but some airlines allow dogs weighing up to 10 kilograms in the cabin.

Periodically, the rules change. So, 3 years ago, Aeroflot reduced the size of carriers allowed for transportation as hand luggage. Now the sum of its three measurements should not exceed 126 cm. And this is relevant for flights around the world, and not only in Russia. Therefore, before the flight, it is always worth clarifying the information – whether the conditions have changed once again.

Choosing to travel by plane, for the duration of the flight, the passenger must put the container with the pet in a special compartment under the seat in front. According to the rules of modern airlines, it is there that he should be the whole flight.

Dogs of aggressive breeds may not be allowed in the cabin, even if they have a small weight, and the carrier meets the requirements. In this case, you will have to send the animal to the luggage compartment.

You can take a large pet with you to the cabin of the aircraft only if it is a service dog or guide. But for such transportation, she will need additional documents about the “profession”, as well as a muzzle and collar.

In some countries, pets are sent only by cargo. For example, to England. Russia has not yet put forward such demands.

Dogs weighing more than 8 kilograms according to the rules fly in luggage. Here, too, they can only be transported in a special container. A regular cage or carrier is not suitable. It must be a container that meets both the IATA standard and the requirements of the selected airline.

What documents are needed?

It is not forbidden to export your own domestic dogs from Russia according to the rules. It is only necessary to prepare for this purpose the full required package of documents.

This is:

  1. International veterinary passport. It must necessarily contain labels about all vaccinations, treatment against parasites, microchipping. The latter is not necessary for leaving Russia, but is sometimes required to enter other countries. Of the vaccinations, it is especially important – from rabies, according to sanitary and veterinary rules, it must be done to the pet, no earlier than 12 months and no later than 20 days before departure. Vaccinations against plague of carnivores, hepatitis and some other diseases are also necessary. In the veterinary passport, notes are made about each of them. Their presence is a prerequisite for the departure of a furry passenger from the country.
  2. Veterinary certificate (form No. 1). Here it is also important to take into account the time of its receipt. The certificate should be made 1 – 5 days before departure.
  3. Permission. According to the rules, it is necessary for transportation if the animal travels without an owner, or it is planned to sell it in another country.

To fly to different countries, you may need additional vaccinations, documents. Especially if you plan to transport several animals at once. Information on this topic should be clarified in advance with the selected airline. And do not try to do it already at the airport a couple of hours before the flight.

If there is a need to transport 2 or more dogs, then you should also take care of a permit from the Rosselkhoznadzor. It is of two types – “general” and individual.

The “general” veterinary permit is valid for everyone and is issued 1 time per year. You can check in the list of your pet, and the planned country of visit for departure or entry on the website of the Rosselkhoznadzor. If there is a list, then you do not need to obtain an individual permit.

An individual permit is needed in the event that a general windbreak has not been released on your pet. It can be done in the veterinary electronic system “Argus”.

Buying a ticket

To transport a furry passenger, you do not need to purchase a separate ticket for him, you need an additional payment for a dog. This applies to both the cabin and the luggage compartment. A pet in a special container is taken in addition to a small bag or backpack.

First of all, before buying a ticket, you will need to make sure that the airline as a whole allows the transportation of animals.

It is important to inform the carrier in advance that there is a dog for transportation. It is best to do it immediately after buying a ticket online or at the box office. After all, there are always restrictions on the allowable number of animals per flight. If all the special compartments of the cabin for pets are already occupied, then even a small dog will have to go in the luggage.

How to make the flight of the animal convenient?

In order for the dog to feel comfortable on the plane, it is necessary to choose the right container for it. If it is an ordinary carrier, then it can be taken both hard and soft. Here it all depends only on the dog itself – in which version it will be more comfortable. For pets of fighting breeds, you may need a reinforced cage.

In any case, the dog’s container before the flight should be covered with moisture-resistant diapers and securely fastened with double-sided tape. And put a warm soft blanket on top. In such conditions, furry passengers will more easily tolerate the flight and will be able to sleep peacefully on board.

About food for an animal on a trip, you can consult a veterinarian. If the pet feels good in transport, you can treat him to your favorite delicacy before the plane. Otherwise, it is better not to feed him on the day of the flight.

But water to a fluffy pet must be given during transportation. For example, securely fix a drinking bottle or even better – take ice in a cafe at the airport and put it in a bowl. It is important not to get confused in the size and not to use too large pieces of ice so that, having melted, it does not spill in the luggage compartment.

Pneumonia in a pet after a flight – true or myth?

On the expanses of the network today there are terrible stories about sub-zero temperatures when transporting pets in the luggage compartment. In fact, this part of the aircraft (according to international rules) is always ventilated and heated, so it is allowed and safe to transport pets.

The minimum temperature in the area where there are cages with pets during the flight is +10 degrees. But this indicator is sometimes increased and immediately 2 times. Conditions will depend on the airline. During the flight, the owner of the animal can ask the flight attendant whether the heating of the luggage compartment is turned on exactly, and inform the veterinarian about the special requirements for the pet. For example, that when transported by plane, it must always be at a temperature not lower than +15 degrees.

Preparing the animal for flight

The strong excitement of dogs during the flight is, unfortunately, not another myth. Pets in air transportation are really very worried.

To properly psychologically prepare a fluffy passenger for the journey, it is worth buying him a suitable cage for flight in advance and turning it into a favorite corner for sleeping and relaxing. The pet should understand that this is a safe and comfortable place in which you can sleep peacefully, waiting for the end of the road.

If it is not possible to take the dog with you on a flight or there is a strong excitement about how it will feel during the journey, the best solution is to entrust it to professional dogsitters. In the service “Guldog” work the most caring and experienced nannies for pets. They will help with the overexposure of a dog of any breed and for any period. He will be in professional safe hands and without unnecessary worries will wait for the owner from the trip in the best comfortable conditions.

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