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A breed of large dogs that successfully combines such qualities as nobility, stability, strength, power and elegance is called the Great Dane. Dogs of the Great Dane breed are the tallest at the withers of all large breeds existing in the world, have large sizes, a variety of colors, and their body is endowed with muscles in a sufficiently large number.

Despite their large size, dogs such as the Great Dane are known to fans of four-legged animals as benevolent giants who do not rush with aggression for no reason either at people or at other animals.

Tenderness, devotion, affection and patience – these are the main indicators of a large large breed, thanks to which its representatives are considered family dogs, which becomes an ideal companion for children of different ages.

Basic standards of the dog breed Great Dane

The main indicators that characterize the Breed of the Great Dane can be called:

  • Life expectancy is seven to eight years.
  • High level of learning and training.
  • The weight of an adult representative of the breed is from 50 to 82 kilograms.
  • Gigantic size. The growth of a male at the withers is at least 80 centimeters, and – at least 72 centimeters.
  • The homeland of the breed is Germany.
  • The colors of the Great Dane can be fawn, brindle, marble, black, blue and raincoat.

Each color of the Great Dane is unique. So, for example, with a tiger, it will be black stripes located on a red background, just like a fawn one. Blue color is considered very unusual, and black color is classic. The marble color (or harlequin color) is black spots on a white background. The unusual cloak color is a black background, and the neck, chest, paws, tail tip and mask on the muzzle are white.

Historical facts of the origin of the breed

History knows the facts that the images of dogs, which look very similar to the representatives of the modern breed of the Great Dane, on Egyptian artifacts were often found. There is also an opinion that the beginning of the origin of the breed refers to Tibet, and since 1121 BC in Chinese literature began to appear descriptions of such animals.

It is believed that the original purpose of breeding dogs of the Great Dane breed was to use them in the hunt for wild boars. The ears of such dogs were mostly cut off so that the boars did not have the opportunity to pierce them or tear them off with their fangs.

From the end of the 1600s on the territory of Germany, it became fashionable among the nobles to keep giant dogs at home, pleasing them in every possible way.These were very caressed animals of gigantic size, which wore gilded collars, and their places for sleeping were lined with velvet fabrics.

Since initially such a breed of dogs was bred more for hunting, its representatives were distinguished by aggressiveness of character and malice. That is why, since the 1800s, breeders have begun to improve the breed and today dog breeders have the opportunity to make a real friend, friendly and calm in the face of a dog of the Great Dane breed.

Features of the character and temperament of the Great Dane

Being engaged in the education of a Great Dane puppy from its earliest age, the owner eventually gets an intelligent, soft-tempered dog that is not capable of aggression. The character of the Great Dane is full of tenderness and affection, which they gladly show, communicating with both their owner and all members of his family. Dogs of the Great Dane breed show a great desire to please their owners, so it is very simple and quick to teach them something, in particular the execution of commands.

The Great Dane is the dog that loves to be among people, even if they are strangers. If the Great Dane does not feel the danger of someone who visits the house, he will never show aggression, happily receiving visitors along with his master. If the Dog of the Great Dane breed feels that his owner or other family members are in danger, he will protect them with their inherent cruelty.

In order to cultivate friendliness in the Great Dane, the owner should take care of its socialization at an early stage of the dog’s maturation. The lower the age at which to begin acquaintance with other people and animals, the better for the pet.

The main advantages and features of dogs of the Great Dane breed can be called:

  • These are cute, active game-loving dogs, which is confirmed by many photos in magazines and other sources.
  • The Great Dane will always find a common language with children of different ages, plus they are very affectionate.
  • The temperament of such a dog is calm, the animal is always self-confident and is fearless at the moment of need to protect its owner and his family members from danger.
  • The guard qualities of such an animal are developed very well, and its barking is sonorous and loud.
  • These are dogs overflowing with energy, activity and craving for sports.
  • Great Danes are very attached to their family, which is why it is difficult to tolerate separation from their native people.
  • It lends itself to rapid education and training.

What and how best to feed the Great Dane

Great Dane puppies, like no other puppies of other breeds, must adhere to a certain diet. Ordinary puppy food is not suitable for them, as it is too small, so you should pay attention to the food for puppies of large breeds of dogs so that they become healthy and active.

A good food for a Great Dane puppy should be of very high quality, regardless of how old it is. At the same time, the dog owner should clearly know that the sex and age of the puppy are directly related to the nutrition of the Great Dane, in particular, to the amount of food that the dog takes at a time as food.

According to the accepted norms and standards, the diet of the Great Dane should be as follows:

  • At the age of 3 to 6 months, Great Danes “girls” should eat 3-6 measuring cups of food, and “boys” – from 4 to 8 cups.
  • From eight months of age to one year of age, females should consume five to eight measuring cups, and males from 6 to 10.
  • In adolescence, females of the Great Dane eat food in the amount of 8 measuring cups, and males from 9-15.
  • In adulthood, the diet of consists of 6-8 cups, and males 8-10 pieces.

By the time the Great Dane puppy turns 4-5 months old, he should be transferred to three meals a day, which will have a good effect on his well-being. After this age, the Great Dane must eat twice a day throughout its life.

How to care for the Great Dane

One of the disadvantages of such a breed of dogs as the Great Dane is its tendency to molt. But, despite the good molting, keeping the coat of the Great Dane in good condition is not at all difficult, it is enough just to clean with a dense brush on a regular basis. Such care allows you to avoid unnecessary bathing of the dog, as the coat becomes clean and remains healthy. This process must be carried out every week, using a special brush or rubber glove for wool.

Caring for the Great Dane implies mandatory care for the claws. The dog’s claws need regular pruning so that it does not feel discomfort or pain when walking. The oral cavity should be examined often, which makes it possible to prevent the development of diseases. It is necessary to accustom the Great Dane to such procedures from an early age, laying the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Great Danes are prone to colds in the cold season, so you should not leave them for a long time outside in cold climates. If you plan to go for a walk with a dog of this breed in the winter, it is recommended to wear special clothes for dogs.

In order for the Great Dane to feel comfortable when keeping him in an apartment, it is necessary to carry out long walks with him at least 1 time per day for a time of approximately 30 minutes and at least 1 hour. The time of the walk should be selected individually, taking into account the degree of activity and the age of the dog. If we are talking about puppies, then the physical activity that they should engage in should take at least 1.5 hours a day.

What health problems can be in dogs of the Great Dane breed

As a rule, Great Danes are dogs that are distinguished by excellent health. But, also, as in any other breed, in this health of the animal can be characterized by the following disadvantages:

  • Puppies and dogs of adolescence of the Great Dane breed may have developmental problems. Such a nuisance may be associated with malnutrition.
  • Dysplasia of the hip joints, which causes the animal pain and discomfort when walking. This is due to the fact that the hip bone does not fit tightly into the hip joint. Lameness can manifest itself both on one hind paw and on two paws at the same time.
  • A tendency to arthritis, and both adult dogs and puppies are susceptible to this disease.
  • Intestinal volvulus or, in other words, bloating. To provoke such a painful condition can be an improper diet, when the dog eats only once a day, drinks a lot of fluids, eats in a hurry or receives active physical exertion immediately after eating. As a result of this condition, the dog’s blood pressure may drop and shock occurs, which indicates the need to seek help from a specialist.
  • Bone cancer. If in dogs of other breeds such a deadly disease develops only in adults, then the Great Dane can suffer from such a disease starting from a young age. To understand whether the dog has such a diagnosis, it is worth paying attention to the presence of lameness in the paws and make an X-ray if necessary.
  • Various diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system associated with the unproduction of the adrenal glands with the production of hormones in sufficient quantities.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland, which can be noticed by the condition of the skin and coat of the dog, in case of unjustified weight gain, manifestations of aggression and fear.

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