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The long-awaited day has come when you have a cat. Now a new and amazing world opens up before you, in which you take responsibility for a small living creature – your pet. You have to learn a lot about the intricacies of feeding, caring and playing with the animal. Going to the pet store for accessories for kittens, in addition to bowls and toys, do not forget to purchase special scissors for cutting claws. It is not recommended to trim the nails of kittens with other tools, especially kitchen or manicure scissors.

The cat needs proper care and this implies many different procedures. Some pets need to be washed, be sure to make regular vaccinations, give vitamins, clean ears and of course cut nails. Such a personal hygiene procedure is important, as nail trimming will protect you and your furniture from the formidable weapons of pets. The sooner the cat gets used to this procedure, the easier it will be to cope with it in the future.

When to start cutting your nails

Many people think at what age you can cut the claws of a kitten. Let's answer this question right away: starting from the 15th week of their lives. Of course, up to this age, animals also have claws, but they are small, thin and soft. In this state, the claws are not able to harm either you or the animal itself.

In the first months, cats do not yet know how to hide their claws in their pads. Many are touched by their fluffy fingers, which are ridiculously axed. However, closer to the fourth month, the claws are already beginning to grow stronger, and pets instinctively begin to sharpen them on your favorite upholstered furniture. To prevent damage to the property, you need to take care of buying a scratching post for the cat in advance. However, even the presence of such a device does not relieve you of the need to regularly trim the claws of your kittens.

First steps to nail trimming

As mentioned earlier, the sooner you accustom animals to such a procedure as nail trimming, the easier it will be for you to cope with this in the future. When pets pass the age of three months, and their claws have already become stronger, then the best time comes to start the first procedure in their lives. In order not to frighten the animal and not to harm it, you should make a haircut in a quiet peaceful environment. Kittens should be calm, there should be no games before the procedure. You can pre-stroke and scratch the cat behind the ear, perhaps even give him the opportunity to get acquainted with the tool. Then alternately touch all the paws so that the kitten gets used to touching. Usually, an adult cat does not like when his pads on his paws are touched, but if you accustom him to such touches from early childhood, then he will fully trust you with his paws.

If you managed to trim all the claws and not cause discomfort to the cat – then you can be safely congratulated, most likely they will have good associations with this procedure, and in the future you will not have any problems with cutting the cat's nails. After trimming, kittens need attention. They need to be ironed, and you can also give some kind of treat or toy.

How to trim your claws correctly

Now you know at what age you can cut the claws of a kitten and how to accustom it to this procedure. And then you need to analyze the stages of nail cutting.

So, the pet is calm, stroked and maybe even purrs. Now you need to take him in your arms and put him on your lap. Then gently take his paw with one hand, and in the other hand take a tool, special scissors for trimming claws. It is best that in the room where you will do the haircut procedure, there is good lighting. This will allow you to see where in the nail the blood vessels and nerve endings end. Just in case, it is still better to prepare peroxide or chlorhexidine in advance, as well as a couple of cotton swabs. If this is the first time you are cutting the cat's claws yourself, then the probability of cutting off the excess with a new tool is very high.

A kitten can resist such unexpected attention. This can be influenced by the mood, habits and character of the pet. Then the best solution would be to wrap the pet in a towel and take out only one paw. There is a popular tip on the Internet: put a cat in a sock, it looks funny, but is not recommended for implementation.

Next, you need to gently press the pad of the cat's paw, so the claws will appear. Gently tighten the claw with pre-prepared special scissors and cut so as not to touch the blood vessels and nerves. It is necessary to cut the claws at such an angle that the spout of the scissors is parallel to the pad. There should be at least two millimeters left before the pulp, and if you are performing the nail trimming procedure for the first time, it is better to leave more. You should start with the front paws, and end with the hind legs. It is worth noting that on the hind legs the nails are much stronger than on the front ones, so it will be more difficult with them.

If you accidentally still touched the vessel and saw blood, then first calm the baby, stroke him, talk to him affectionately. At this time, moisten the fleece in hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine and soak the place where the blood goes. After the pet has calmed down, you can continue to do the nail trimming procedure.

Many are afraid to do a haircut on their own or doubt their abilities, and this is normal. Everyone is afraid of hurting a pet. In this case, the best solution would be to trust the professionals. Make an appointment at the nearest veterinary clinic or pet salon for nail trimming. This procedure is inexpensive, but you will save yourself and the baby from stress.

Nail trimming procedure. How often should it be repeated?

Usually the claws of a cat grow back in 3-4 weeks. As they grow back, it is necessary to make a haircut. After a haircut, cats love to sharpen the uneven edges of their claws, so it's best if you have a scratching post at home. Otherwise, the cat will replace it with a sofa or armchair. If your cat walks outside, then it will sharpen its claws against trees.

It is highly not recommended to cut the claws before the kittens are three months old. They can actively use claws in games and fun, but they will not cause much harm, since the nail itself is still soft and weak. Fully the claws grow stronger by six months and then the cat himself will decide how to grind them.

If you can give kittens positive emotions in the process of cutting claws, then they will watch the process with curiosity and not interfere with you.

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